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VADHEIM, HØYANGER--> Artist Richart Ravn visits Sogn Hotel in Vadheim. The mission is to paint all the guestroom doors on the 2nd floor. Richart himself determines the theme and subject of each door. 


 Richart Ravn was born in 1985. Norwegian artist began his artistic career as a street artist in the mid 90's. It was not enough to decorate walls outside the public space so it became a separate exhibition in Sarpsborg Municipality 2001 with subsequent support from the Norwegian Cultural Council.


 UDI project support 2016 Chosen to go the artistic way further and took drawing form and color high school in Fredrikstad. After a stay with the disputed artist Art Ranger he decided to study at the private art school Pont Aven School of Contemporary Art and Norwegian art history at UIB.


With an oblique view of society and the use of elements and techniques from stencil art and graffiti, he mixes this together to create a holistic picture in his paintings. Modern street art is an extension of traditional graffiti, and is most often designed to communicate with people on the street, often on social or political issues.


 He himself prefers the term "urban art" to his paintings. He received support from the Norwegian Culture Council 2001, 2004 and 2006 for their art projects aimed at children and young people.


He still paints murals outside the public space and has put up works in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain and France In addition to private assignments, many Norwegian companies today have art by Richart hanging on their walls. Among other things Hafslund, Oslo Apartments, Aibel ASA, Spabogruppen / Amesto, Norsk Bergverksmuseum i m.m.


“We have chosen Richart Ravn because of his talent and creativity. Richart Ravn will characterize the hotel with his unique paintings and style, the hotel corridor suddenly becomes a living art gallery. It makes the hallway fresh and exciting. We named the project "A Door is Born" because we look forward to the creation of every door. We have no idea how the door is going to be until it's born” and we fall in love every time a new door is created. We hope you get your favorite door on your next stay at Sogn Hotel in Vadheim” says Ruth, Hotel Manager.


In addition to paining all the doors Richart Ravn has also created between 12-15 paintings that will be displayed throughout the rooms and public areas of the hotel.

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